Plans are moving forward for the ‘Save Our Services Rally’ in support of keeping local hospital services strong. The rally’s being held March 21st at 2pm in front of Huntsville Town Hall, located at 37 Main Street East. The rally comes after growing concern that Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC) plans to single-site surgery services in order to balance their budget. Residents and the Town say removing surgery from the local hospital would have a profound effect on Huntsville’s future growth. The Town is urging area residents to attend the rally. The Huntsville hospital services 20,000 residents within its borders, 20,000 seasonal residents and also acts as the closest Emergency Response facility for northern communities.  Aitchison says if surgery were to be closed at either the Huntsville hospital site or the Bracebridge site it would “mean the end of emergency care in that community.”