Bracebridge’s BIA board is welcoming some new faces. Past Board Chair Mae Campbell is retiring. At a recent meeting, the new BIA Chairperson was picked – it’s Little black Bow Lingerie owner Lindsay Alexander.

Campbell has been a main staple of the Bracebridge BIA for over 14 years and has seen her share of challenges and success stories. “I have enjoyed my time as Chair however I felt it was time to take a step back and let some new blood move in.” said Campbell.

The BIA Board held its inaugural meeting recently where it appointed its new Chair – Lindsay Alexander from Little Black Bow Lingerie. Lindsay has served on the BIA Board of Management for the past two years and is enthusiastic about her new role as BIA Chair. “It is an exciting time for Bracebridge. This was a big election year for many of our town’s service groups and with some new faces and bright ideas I think everyone is eager to work together towards the ultimate goal of making Bracebridge great. I look forward to working with our board and its members in a new capacity and being a part of the accomplishments.”

The BIA’s first and foremost task is to develop new goals and objectives that will guide the board over the next 4 years. The BIA continues to be responsible for many initiatives within its area; this includes beautification (seasonal flowers, the fall Scarecrow Invasion, winter boughs and light displays) and events. The BIA hosts several key events throughout the year which include; Father’s Day Car Show, Canada Day Celebrations, Midnight Madness, Colourfest Street Fair, Santa’s Moonlight Shopping Party and introducing for 2016, the Fire and Ice Festival. The BIA Board and event committees are run by a group of dedicated volunteers from the business community all wanting to make Downtown Bracebridge a better place to be. The BIA board and its members would like to thank Mae Campbell for her commitment.


The new BIA Board of Management that was elected by the membership includes:

Vice Chair – Cindy Rushton (CR Flowers)

Treasurer – Glenn Gordon (Gordon and Flemming)

Beth Kelly (The Creative Cook)

Ed Daponte (Signature’s Eatery)

Steve McLellan (Muskoka Bean Café)

Elizabeth Walker (Bliss Boutique)

Lori-Lynn Giaschi-Pacini, District of Muskoka Councillor

Chris Wilson, Town of Bracebridge Councillor.

(PHOTO: L-R New Bracebridge BIA Chair Lindsay Alexander, Past Chair Mae Brazier and Vice Chair Cindy Rushton)