A pair of trail patrollers with Gravenhurst’s Snowcrest Snowmobile Club were in the right place at the right time last night. During the freezing temperatures they were able to get three people to warmth and safety. First they found a sled without gas on the Top B trail. The owner had understandably started to worry, but he was helped in time and sent on his way. Then the patrollers found a man walking in the middle of Lake Muskoka after dark when the wind was picking up and temperatures were dropping like a rock. Turns out a friend of the man’s side-by-side broke down after a day of ice fishing. A passing sled had picked up his friend about an hour earlier – the man had then left another friend to go find a marina he had heard was nearby. An hour and two snowmobile shuttles later and everyone was safely off the lake thanks to the patrollers. The three men were able to rent a motel for the night and will get their machine sometime today. The Snowcrest Riders have 10 active volunteer Trail patrollers in the region. The two patrollers from last night were able to help the stranded people even after having been on a 320 km ride themselves earlier that day.