A well-known energy critic is joining forces with a well-known Muskoka activist, Peggy Peterson. Today Tom Adams, who’s an independent energy and environmental advisor, along with being a columnist with the National Post, will join Peterson at Bala Falls to camp out overnight. He’s doing it to show solidarity with the Huntsville resident’s fight against the proposed hydro plant there. He says the proposed Bala Falls hydroelectric project is, quote: ”crazy”.

Specifically, Adams says there’s a tremendous disconnect going on across Ontario’s power system. He says while many people are complaining about bills going up, in some areas groups are also upset with green energy projects going up too. He says the negative response of the Bala community to the Swift River Energy proposal got him interested and he started to research the proposal. What he found has led him to believe that the power created there will be of almost no value to consumers. He also says the times of year when the project will be operating at its peak productivity is a time when the province is already flooded with excess power. He says the province’s ‘green mania’ when it comes to these types of projects is doing “terrible things” to Ontario’s electricity future.

Adams adds he will be live tweeting from the camp and from a meeting Friday morning in Muskoka Lakes council chambers, but wont be appearing as a delegation. That’s when the council will be discussing the issue yet again. To follow Adams’ tweets check out @tomadamsenergy on Twitter. (Submitted Photo)