Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare denies the board of directors has seen a leaked report about changes to the MAHC services. CEO Natalie Bubela says the board did not see this document despite other media outlets reporting it was given to the board in mid-December.

We contacted Bubela, who responded with this statement in an email to The Moose:

“The report has not been shared with the Board of Directors. This report was circulated to the working group of staff and physicians that has been tasked with creating a sixth option for consideration that looks at centres of excellence at each of our sites. This direction of MAHC’s long-term planning work was shared with the public (through a media release) on November 18. We are committed to an effective process that includes a full analysis of every option before us, and ensures that all voices with a stake in the final decisions to be made by the MAHC board are being heard. A final recommendation for the future model of health care in Muskoka will be presented to the Board of Directors once feedback on the options has been received by the community”.