Six more days. That’s the sentence a Baysville woman received after pleading guilty to fraud. Baysville couple Nick and Dianna Smirnow were arrested in December by investigators who were on the case after thousands of people lost money to a Ponzi scheme. Bracebridge court officials say that on Monday, Dianna Smirnow plead guilty to one count of fraud and was sentenced to six more days on top of the 60 she’s already served since her arrest in December. She was charged after officers came to believe she had defrauded the Ministry of Communications and Social Services of a substantial amount of money over a period of a year. Nick Smirnow was charged with 10 counts of fraud and conspiracy in the US because of an online Ponzi scheme that stole $70-million from 40,000 investors across the globe.  His next bail hearing is on March 3rd. Dianna also has to pay $16, 421 in restitution.