It was a packed house for the recent Muskoka Tourism Marketing Summit. Nearly 90 tourism stakeholders from across Muskoka attended with members from private businesses, the Chambers of Commerce, BIAs, RTO 12, and local municipalities. Muskoka Lakes Mayor Don Furniss attended and says he was impressed with the turnout. One of the common themes of the Summit was the need to re-energize the Muskoka brand, with MTMA best suited to take the lead role in this project. In smaller discussion groups, delegates were asked to list the attributes of Muskoka that need to be reflected in a re-energized brand. There were a number of commonalities that arose, with environment, authenticity, culture, and adventure with amenities being a few that came to the forefront.

“This was an excellent starting point for our larger discussion about a re-energized brand” says Michael Lawley, Executive Director of MTMA. “It is evident that our partners understand the importance of the Muskoka brand, especially now with the increased competition that we face in the tourism industry.”

The event was held last Wednesday at the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa in Minett.