Parry Sound-Muskoka MP Tony Clement is sad to see John Baird resign. Baird announced he was stepping down as Foreign Affairs Minister and MP in the House of Commons on Tuesday, Feb 3. Clement says he’s known Baird for over 30 years.

Reports say Baird quite because he wanted a career change. Clement says you can be in politics for a long time like he has and at some point decide you want to try something else. Clement says he sees nothing wrong with that decision.

Now that Baird has stepped down, who will take his place? Clement says it’s in the Prime Minister’s hands.

In term’s of Baird’s MP position, Clement says it will depend on when Baird resigns his seat officially. Clement says it might give them enough time to find someone so there’s isn’t a special by-election. Baird served 20 years in politics.