(Photo By: Melissa Candelaria) MPP Norm Miller collects signatures at the Algonquin Theatre on Jan. 30. 

Over 300 Huntsville residents have signed a petition to better our provincial roads. Parry Sound-Muskoka MPP Norm Miller was at the Algonquin Theatre collecting signatures on Friday. Local resident Martin Mann brought in 10 pages full of signatures. He says the bad road conditions have cost him two jobs so far this year.

Mann isn’t the only one upset about the conditions of the highways in Muskoka. Tom Banks also signed the petition. He says it’s important for the government to know that changes need to be made.

The petition signing lasted three hours. MPP Norm Miller says he was quite happy with the turnout.

Miller will be presenting the petitions to the Legislature once it resumes on Feb. 17. He says he will continue to collect signatures even after the first batch has been presented.