The National Post is reporting that an investigation is underway into controversial Wikipedia posts that make reference to prisoners at Fenbrook Institution. The article states that Correctional Services Canada (CSC) is investigating the matter and that “disciplinary measures will be taken as appropriate.”

According to the report, federal correctional workers that have been using government computers on the CSC network made edits this month writing that Fenbrook, which is now joined with Beaver Creek, “operates quite differently than other institutions” by allowing “protective custody” inmates to “operate as if they were ‘Free Men,’ allowing them to shop, cook and court as if they were in Canadian Society,” and cited Facebook as the reference. The article states that the edit went on to say “While the Correctional Service of Canada does not have an official position or statement, Fenbrook is known to house the largest concentration of Homosexual Inmates in the entire Ontario Region.”

The photo cut line accompanying the photo of Fenbrook Institution in the Post article states that Fenbrook is where the Wikipedia edits originated from.