Not everyone is happy with the men’s shelter in Huntsville. The new shelter is currently being built next to The Table Soup Kitchen Foundation’s food bank on Hanes Street. Don Brandle spoke to the General Committee on Jan. 28, on behalf of the residents living in that area. He says they have many unanswered questions.

Brandle says residents weren’t given notice or had signs posted about the men’s shelter. Town staff indicated because proper zoning was already in place, the town isn’t legally required to notify neighbours.

Brandle made clear at the meeting that the residents in the area are not against having a shelter in Huntsville. He says it’s a much needed service in our community, but it shouldn’t be located anywhere downtown. Brandle says they’re main goal is to convince the town to relocate the shelter.

Concerns also include a decrease in property value and public safety. The Moose reached out to The Table Soup Kitchen Foundation for a response. However, the board has declined to comment.