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TriMuskokan runs, swims, and bikes into Huntsville this weekend

Around 400 triathletes will roll into Huntsville this weekend for a Muskoka-grown triathlon.

The annual TriMuskokan kicks off with athletes diving into the water at the start of the course at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 26. It is a “short-course” triathlon, consisting of a 750-metre swim, 30-kilometre bike, and 7.5-kilometre run.

The swim course takes the athletes from the dive-in at the end of Camp Kitchen Rd., to the docks beside the Canada Summit Centre. From there, the cycle route runs down Brunel Rd. to Baysville and back, finishing with a run route contained to the roads around the Summit Centre.

“Out to about 15 kilometres, you’re going to see cyclists on both sides of the road in the morning hours for sure,” says Jon Morton, President of TriMuskoka. “So definitely watch out for the. Reduce your speed. Wait for a safe-to-pass and leave a bit of extra time if you’ve got to go somewhere. Make sure you leave a bit earlier because it is going to be a little slow through those areas.”

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According to Morton, there won’t be any road closures for the event, but the OPP will be coordinating traffic in busy areas and at intersections. “The roads are still open, but certainly we want to keep everybody safe,” he says.

For those who simply want to try the sport, Morton says a less intensive route is available with the Try-a-Tri race. It consists of a 400-metre swim, a 10-kilometre bike ride, and 2.5-kilometre run.

“It’s a shorter swim, a shorter bike portion, and a shorter run, mainly meant to be sort of an introductory-level triathlon for people that are trying to get interested in the sport, and aren’t quite sure,” says Morton. “It makes it a lot easier to get through, and then the main triathlon event is something that maybe they would try the following year.”

There’s also a relay option, for people who don’t want to do all three sports. Morton says he’s nursing a running-related injury, so he won’t be doing the full race this year, opting instead to be a spare for cycling on one relay team.

According to Morton, proceeds from the event help support TriMuskoka’s MSCLE Project, which will install public-use fitness equipment around the community.

Although registration for the event has already closed, Morton encourages people to make funny signs to cheer on participants as they make their way through. He advises parking downtown and walking over to the Summit Centre.

Morton adds that while they have a good number of volunteers already, extra hands are always welcome for the setup on Saturday afternoon or takedown on Sunday afternoon.

Maps for the event can be found here:

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