The deadline is coming up for the Huntsville Festival of the Arts’ (HFA) two youth scholarships.

The organization offers a junior scholarship up to $250 for those 16 and under, and a senior scholarship of up to $1,000 for those 17 and older.

According to Dan Watson, HFA’s Executive Director, the scholarships are meant to help artistically talented young people in Huntsville and Lake of Bays pursue further education in performing arts.

“We’ve had people that have used it towards buying a new instrument, or having some specialized studies, or even ongoing studies. Obviously music, theatre, and dance, these are all really beneficial to people’s learning, to people’s quality of life,” says Watson. “We want to support the youth who want to do that, whether they end up following that career path or it takes them in a different direction.”

The junior scholarship can be used for instruction or equipment, while the senior award needs to be used for higher education at an accredited institution. Watson says applicants must submit videos demonstrating their performance skills.

More than $80,000 has been given out between the two awards since the program started in 1997.

“Arts education is incredibly beneficial for everyone,” says Watson. “This is a great program that’s been happening for many, many years, and it’s supported lots of people who’ve gone on to do great things. So we’re excited to be able to provide it again.”

Applicants must submit their forms by May 27. Visit the HFA’s website for how to apply.