The OPP will cost the District of Muskoka almost 50 percent more next year. The OPP is introducing a new billing model and lots of areas across the province are having to pay more for OPP services. Muskoka Towns have been told the OPP billing statement for Muskoka shows a 46.9 per cent increase for 2015. The news comes from District commissioner of finance and corporate services who has told area municipalities the additional cost will be phased in over the coming three years. This year the District paid $10.9 million for police services. The increase will mean the District will have to pay $11,879, 748 in 2015 which will mean a tax levy increase of 1.75 percent for policing services alone. In a report, Stevens writes that “this means an estimated property tax increase of $9.65 annually for a property assessed at $200,000.” Currently the District is investigating how it can get more money to help cover it all. They are also trying to see if there are alternative police service options.