NEW HOT MEAL SYSTEM: South Muskoka Hospital Foundation Executive Director Colin Miller hands over a new patient serving tray as Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare Food and Nutrition Services staff Sharon Weese, Jean Dempsey and Karen Fisher look on. The Foundation funded improvements in food service delivery at the South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Site. (Submitted Photo)

Food service delivery has been upgraded at Muskoka’s two hospital sites.This mean’s patients are getting a hot meal in a timely manner via new Heat On Demand systems that have been put in place. The new system replaces outdated equipment and uses less electricity. Officials say the new serving trays and thermal dishes are getting positive reviews from both patients and staff. In addition, the new meal delivery carts are ergonomically correct, lighter, and easier to manoeuver by Food and Nutrition Services staff. With the new system, food is prepared just in time for bedside tray service, and using conduction heating, the Heat on Demand equipment extends the hot temperature of the meal for up to 60 minutes. “With more than 50,000 meals prepared and served from the kitchen annually, this is an important investment that we are excited to support,” says Colin Miller, Executive Director of the South Muskoka Hospital Foundation. The upgrades have been made available thanks to funding from the South Muskoka Hospital Foundation and the Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary.