Simcoe Muskoka’s Chief Medical Officer of Health clarified some details on how to navigate the province’s current changing COVID-19 do’s and don’ts.  

When it comes to your job site, Dr. Charles Gardner says if someone you work closely with has symptoms and is isolating, what you do depends on whether or not you have been immunized, work in a congregate setting or high-risk setting, and if that person lives with you.

“If that person lives with you, isolate for five days and if you develop symptoms then you need to consider yourself to be a case, and that is also for if you are fully immunized two or more doses; otherwise you should be isolated for 10 days,” he says.

Gardner adds if you’re working in a high-risk setting you should be off for 10 days even if you’re fully vaccinated because of the higher risk of transmission.

He says for those that are coming out of isolation after five days you still need to continue to monitor yourself for symptoms for another five days.

Gardner says you’ll also need to avoid going to high-risk settings for a visit for an additional five days, be judicious in your use of masks and distancing and ideally tell your employer about the situation if you’re returning to work. 

And if you’ve actually gotten a diagnoses for another illness like the flu, or strep throat he says you should be going over what that means for isolation with your physician and if there’s any concern about it being COVID-19.