Peter Miller and his wife were about to embark on a cruise to Alaska. But that adventure would be snapped away from them when Miller died in a head-on collision a day before their journey was about to begin. It happened on June 25th on Highway 60 in Huntsville. His death sent shockwaves to our community, including his neighbour Hugh Holland.

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His friends and neighbours say he was going to the Dwight dump to prepare for his trip. Miller was a member of the Rotary Club of Huntsville. Rotarian Ken Stronach says he was their Sergeant at Arms.

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Stronach says the Rotary extends their condolences to Miller’s family, especially his wife Kathleen. Meantime, the founder of the Huntsville Community Theatre Company says Peter Miller’s death is such an incredible loss to our community. Jan Jacklin says she first met Miller at the Freedom Dog Park three years ago.

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Jacklin says Miller was such a nice man who loved being part of the community.

Below is the full audio of how Peter Miller impacted Holland, Stronach and Jacklin:

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