A Burks Fall man has been fined for illegally selling wildlife.

David Ennis was fined $1,000 for unlawfully selling a midland painted turtle and $500 for unlawfully offering to sell a snapping turtle. He was also fined $500 for unlawfully possessing a gray treefrog and $250 for unlawfully possessing a northern watersnake.

In addition to the fines, all of the equipment used to house the wildlife was permanently forfeited to the Crown.

Court heard that on October 7, 2019, a conservation officer received information from Canada Post regarding undeclared wildlife that were ineligible shipping items.

As a result, an inspection was completed at a business facility run by Ennis. Two snapping turtles, two northern watersnakes and one gray treefrog were located during the inspection. The province says through investigation, it was determined that he additionally offered to sell two midland painted turtles and two snapping turtles.

Justice of the Peace Kathleen Bryant heard the case in the Parry Sound Courthouse in September.