A turn of events in the ongoing Rob Ford saga with a Muskoka twist. It has now been revealed that the woman who was arrested yesterday afternoon and charged with impaired is connected to embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. The Mayor’s black Cadillac Escalade now sits in the impound yard at Gravenhurst’s Northland Towing and Recovery. Moose News staff Matthew Sitler and Carly Verhoeven were able to take video of the Escalade and the woman who came to obtain her belongings from it today shortly after 3pm. Lee Anne McRobb was found behind the wheel of Ford’s vehicle near the Glen Orchard General Store onTuesday. On video today, McRobb, through no prompting by reporters, tells the owner of the impound business about maybe having left something in Rob Ford’s room. Later on a second video, McRobb is asked how she came to be behind the wheel of Rob Ford’s Escalade to which she replied “that’s for me to know”. Also on video, McRobb is asked if she stayed at rehab with ford she replied “not anymore.” To watch the first video clip, check out the link below: (Video and Reporting by Carly Verhoeven)