The Huntsville Hospital Foundation (HHF) has gotten a $1-million boost on a campaign to replace diagnostic equipment.

The Sprott Foundation’s donation has knocked a fifth off the $5-million needed for the HHF’s Focus on Imaging Campaign. HHF Executive Director Katherine Craine says it isn’t the first time they’ve helped the hospital. In 2018, Sprott donated $1-million to the hospital’s imaging department, now called the Sprott Foundation Diagnostic Imaging Department. Craine says the organization, founded by the billionaire Sprott family to fight poverty and hunger, has been a consistent source of support.

“[Last year] they surprised us with an online donation of $50,000 to say ‘hey, hope you’re doing okay,’ to support us in a time where we really needed them,” says Craine. “That was our surprise COVID gift from them, which said a lot about these people and how much they do to support us and the community.”

According to Craine, donations like these help with expenses that aren’t covered by the healthcare system.

“Equipment for the hospital is not covered by taxes, they’re not funded by the government, so in order for us to keep in step with the evolving needs of the hospital, we have to campaign,” says Craine. “Most of our equipment in the imaging department will see some kind of an upgrade in the next two to three years.”