Huntsville-based developer Greystone Project Management has pledged $130,000 to the Huntsville Hospital Foundation (HHF), to be donated over time.

The Campus Trails Legacy Fund will donate $1,000 per unit sold at Greystone’s Campus Trails, a housing development located next to the hospital. The development’s first building, a 30-unit condominium named after Canadian artist Tom Thompson, has already sold out, guaranteeing the first $30,000 of the fund. The project’s second phase, which includes a condo named after A.Y. Jackson, is expected to secure another $100,000 for the hospital.

HHF Executive Director Katherine Craine says Greystone owner Pat Dubé, who sits on the foundation’s board of directors, has also been actively encouraging the new residents to donate. Craine says the foundation has already received numerous donations from people moving into the new units, and that she’s happy to see a local developer paying it forward.

“It’s really great that a builder in the community is thinking about healthcare as they’re building units for people to live,” says Craine. “[The hospital] is supporting people in this community, and it’s great that [Greystone is] forward thinking about the future of the community in every aspect.”

Craine says the funds will go towards the HHF’s Focus on Imaging campaign, which funds new diagnostic imaging equipment for the hospital.