A 24-year-old from Toronto has been pronounced dead after he was pulled from the water at Balm Beach in Tiny Township Monday evening.

Bystanders noticed the man was in distress and Constable Aaron Coulter says they worked quickly to drag him to shore. “The male went beneath the water however several good samaritans assisted in the rescue and were able to locate him, transporting him to shore on a paddleboard,” Coulter says. “They then began CPR on the male in an attempt to revive him.”

When the police and other emergency units arrived, they took over the life-saving efforts. He was transported to a Toronto-area hospital where he was pronounced dead just before 10 AM this morning. A post-mortem will be done in Toronto. 

His name is being withheld until next-of-kin has been notified. 

This has prompted the police to promote safe practices on the water. Coulter says if you’re planning to spend one of the last few weekends of summer on the beach, you need to supervise children at all times if they’re in the water. “Stay within arms’ reach of children under five,” he adds. Even adults need to be careful: he suggests swimming with a buddy, pointing out that most drowning victims are able to swim. Learn lifesaving skills so you can save yourself and help to save a buddy,” he goes on to say.

While it might seem fun to cannonball or belly flop into the water, Coulter says to jump in feet first and always look before you jump.

“Alcohol and water do not mix,” he says, adding that means don’t swim while impaired or drive a boat. “Wear a lifejacket or personal flotation device while on a vessel or in the water,” he finishes.