Ontario is reporting 348 new COVID-19 cases.

Of the new cases, 72 percent are in unvaccinated and partially vaccinated people while 22 percent are in people who are fully vaccinated.

Ten more deaths were reported but the ministry of health says six of them were from over two months ago and were added as part of a data cleanup.

Test positivity is at 2.6 percent.

There are 163 people in general hospital wards with COVID-19, with 127 people in intensive care.

Sixty-eight of the people in general hospital wards are unvaccinated and partially vaccinated while 14 are fully vaccinated.

In ICU’s, three of the people are fully vaccinated and 54 are unvaccinated and partially vaccinated.

Just over 73 percent of the eligible population is fully immunized while just over 81 percent have had at least one shot.

Meanwhile, we could see mandatory vaccination requirements put in place for several key areas of the Ontario economy.

Several reports say Premier Doug Ford and his cabinet met Monday night to consider making COVID-19 inoculations compulsory for those working in the health care, long-term care, and education sectors.

An announcement is expected Tuesday afternoon.