The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) has lifted the swimming advisory at Muskoka Lakes’ Windermere Beach.

An advisory has been put in place, though, at Gravenhurst’s Muskoka Beach Park, in addition to the one still in place at Gull Lake Rotary Park Beach. Those are the only advisories in place in Muskoka.

Neither of the beaches are closed, but health officials have put up signs explaining what could happen if you do go for a swim. You risk developing minor skin, eye, ear, nose or throat infections and a stomach disorder is possible as well.

The beaches in Muskoka get tested between June and September for E. coli bacteria. “Bacteria levels can increase in recreational beach water due to heavy rainfall, cloudy water, a large number of swimmers, a large number of birds, shallow water, wet sand, wind and high waves,” officials with the health unit said.