The high heat and humidity that’s hit Muskoka over the past month is expected to taper off by the weekend, according to Environment Canada.

“As we get into the weekend, we do start to see a shift in the weather pattern,” Warning Preparedness Meteorologist with Environment Canada Geoff Coulson tells the newsroom. That being said, he expects the warm weather to stick around for the rest of the work week with a possibility of rain and thunderstorms every day as well. Once the weekend hits, Coulson says the temperature will drop to highs of 23 during the day and around 10 at night. “The longer-range forecast for the second half of August still indicates that we’re expecting temperatures to be a little warmer,” he adds.

Once we hit September, Coulson says hot days like what we’ve seen over the past month will be few and far between.

The weather we’ve been seeing up to this point is unusual, he adds.  “Over the last little while, we’ve had a stubborn weather pattern that’s basically locked in over the area affecting not just the Muskoka area, but right across Southern Ontario, parts of the Eastern Seaboard, the American Midwest,” Coulson goes on to say. The high pressure from that area has affected the flow of air into our region coming from the Gulf of Mexico. 

Is this what we should expect every summer going forward? Coulson says it’s hard to tell. “Each summer for the next little while will have its own character,” he explains. Every year there will likely be stretches of high heat and humidity but, at a point, it will cool down. “Year to year variation is still going to be there,” Coulson says. “I think the concern is more as we look at the longer-term over the next 10, 20, 30 years.”