Huntsville’s municipal buildings are now open to the public, allowing residents to access in-person services. Town Hall, Madill Works Yard, and Fire Station one have reopened, with the Canada Summit Centre open by appointment only.

Chief Administrative Officer Denise Corry says that although residents can now visit for in-person services, everything that was available online can still be accessed virtually. She says Town staff are looking forward to getting back into the building.

“I can certainly say that staff are quite excited about returning, I know that for some it’s been over 16 months since they’ve been in the workplace,” says Corry. “I think everyone’s very excited to get back to some form of normalcy in the workplace.”

According to Corry, the Town has been scrambling to reopen since Ontario’s early move into step three of the Roadmap to Reopen on July 16th. She says employees are still able to work from home if they choose, as not everyone has been able to move away from remote work on short notice.

“We didn’t really expect to have our doors open to the public until probably the Tuesday after the September long weekend, so things happened very quickly when we did actually progress to step three with the regulation changing,” says Corry.

Corry says she’s looking forward to having everyone back.

“It’s very nice to hear laughter in the hallway and to hear voices in the office again, because it has been very quiet in here for a very long time,” says Corry. “It’s great to have everyone back.”