An art auction supporting people with developmental disabilities raised close to $6,000.

The first ever Artists for Inclusion auction was done virtually last month, and raised money for Community Living Huntsville’s Pathways program. Local artists contributed work ranging from paintings to fibre art and woodworking. Community Living Huntsville’s Jennifer Jerrett says not everyone with a developmental disability qualifies for government support, monetary or otherwise.

“They obviously fall through the cracks, so we help them set life goals, explore what personal interests they have,” says Jerrett. “We help them with housing, we help them with employment, really anything to get them feeling like they’re part of the community and in control of their own lives.”

According to Jerrett, the program costs about $150,000 per year, and is entirely funded by community donations. She says she’s blown away by how quickly local artists stepped up to the plate.

“The artists came out of the woodwork to support us, which was absolutely fantastic,” says Jerrett. “We literally did not have to go soliciting for art: people were coming to us in droves, we were so welcomed.”

Jerrett says the success of the auction has opened up many possibilities for fundraising going forward. She says the organization is now looking at doing a jewelry auction, and plans to continue Artists for Inclusion going forward. Donations can be made at Community Living Huntsville’s website.