The town of Bracebridge is recognizing the “outstanding achievements” of residents in volunteerism and sports with the Community Recognition and Sport Awards.

Councillor Steven Clement has been the Chair of the committee since being elected to council in 2006. With last year’s ceremony and announcement postponed, he says this year’s awards have combined the winners from 2020 and 2021.

A rundown of the extensive list of this year’s winners is available on the town’s website. “We can’t pick everybody,” Clement adds. “What we do is those who are not selected – they still may be very worthy – we put them in a pile for next year.”

There are no plans for a gala that’s usually held at the Rene M. Caisse Theatre

Clement says the committee did want to do something positive for this (and last) year’s crop of winners, so in lieu of buying a plaque, the town will make a donation in the winner’s name to a local charity of their choice. It’s up to the winner to decide if they want to do that. While the exact donation amount – or charities – have not been decided, Clement says he excepts the donation amount to range between $100 and $150.