A Gravenhurst woman has been charged and her dog will now have to wear a muzzle after it attacked another dog, leading to its death.

Constable Taryn Molnar says they were called around 8:30 PM Sunday. Officers responded to a complaint from a dog owner saying their dog had been “mauled and severely injured” by another dog. Molnar says the attack happened earlier in the day on Phillip Street in Gravenhurst.

The injured dog was taken to an emergency hospital but later died.

After officers investigated with the help of Gravenhurst by-law officers, a 47-year-old Gravenhurst woman was charged with failing to exercise reasonable precautions to prevent the dog from behaving in a manner that poses a menace to the safety of persons or domestic animals,  failing to prevent biting or attacking a person or domestic animal, and was issued a certificate of offence under the dog control by-law for allowing the offending dog to run at large.

The dog will have to wear a muzzle because Gravenhurst’s by-law department has declared it a “dangerous dog.”

The accused dog owner will appear in court in Bracebridge on August 24th.