After a year of construction, the historic Black Bridge is nearing completion.

The 98-year old bridge is being replaced with a one lane replica, complete with a pedestrian walkway, after being deemed a potential structural concern in 2016. Contractors are now putting the finishing touches on the bridge, according to project engineering technologist Yvonne Gravel.

“Waterproofing is scheduled for early next week, and the paving will follow a couple of days later,” says Gravel. “Beginning of the week of the 28th, there’s some final restoration work to be done, and then the bridge should be open.”

With a $2.4 million budget, construction began in June last year to be completed before Christmas. Supply problems and poor winter conditions delayed completion of the project to spring this year.

Gravel says that as long as good weather holds, the bridge should be completed on time.

“The only thing that could really throw a monkey wrench into the thing is a long stretch of rainy weather,” says Gravel. “Apart from that, if we get some nice days, it’ll be done.”