Almaguin Highlands’ parents and residents will meet tonight in the last public input meeting of the Accommodation Review Committee. The Near North District School Board is proposing to close two schools, M.A. Wittick in Burk’s Falls and Magnetawan Central. The board is also proposing to send the grade seven and eight students to Almaguin Highlands Secondary. Tonight is the last night you can have your say. It’s happening at Land of Lakes Public School in Burk’s Falls at 6:30pm.

Meantime, the ARC’s facilitator Paul Addie is in the hot seat for insulting a parent in an email. Kordula Reinhartz had emailed the Near North’s information officer, requesting information on transportation costs for the two schools in the proposal. Her email was sent to Addie. Addie’s reply, meant for the information officer’s eyes only, was also sent to Reinhartz. In the email he accused Reinhartz of playing at being the victim and having too much wine. Reinhartz says she was not happy.

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Addie has since sent her an apology email saying the comments were uncalled for. Reinhartz forwarded the emails to Board Chair David Thompson, who dubbed the situation as a personal matter; something Reinhartz doesn’t believe is true.

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In an email, Thompson says it was an unfortunate and isolated incident. He says the situation can be turned into a positive one, where the focus continues to be engaging in a constructive and open dialogue.

Reinhartz will be speaking tonight to present her proposal, which is to send the grade seven and eight students back to their feeder schools and close one of the two schools in Burk’s Falls.  The last ARC meeting will be held Wednesday, Feb. 6 at M.A. Wittick.

Below are the emails between, Reinhartz, Addie and Thompson:

Paul Addie’s Email (forwarded to Board Chair David Thompson: letter1

David Thompson’s first reply: letter2

Paul Addie’s apology email: letter3

David Thompson’s second reply: letter4

Kordula Reinhartz reply to Thompson: letter5