With the stay-at-home order lifted, cottagers are now able to travel to their seasonal residences.

But the Executive Director of the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations Terry Rees reminds residents that while they are allowed to travel to their properties, public health orders still remain in place. Rees says the Association has always been supportive of public health orders, and just because it is no longer illegal to head to the cottage does not allow people to break these orders.

Rees adds that social bubbles must be maintained and to not invite anyone outside your bubble in to keep the community safe. He suggests bringing your own groceries with you and avoid unnecessary contact. However, Rees does encourage cottagers to support the local economies when it is safe to do so. While part of the economy does rely on seasonal residents, cottagers must be diligent about keeping people safe.

While the summer months are short, Rees says cottagers should take advantage of the fresh air and remoteness of their properties. But for now, he urges seasonal residents to hold off on large gatherings and follow the rules.

Written by Trevor Smith-Millar