Hydro One is helping organizations that provide critical services across Ontario with their Energize Life program

Jay Armitage, Vice President of Marketing and Communications of Hydro One, told the My Muskoka Now newsroom the program is a part of the company’s commitment to supporting communities around the province.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic we’ve really felt a deep responsibility to support communities and those organizations that are working tirelessly to provide critical services to our communities and we really started off with larger organizations to feed the most vulnerable, provide Mental Health Resources but then we learned that smaller local organizations are really facing a double whammy of decreased donations and increased demand so that’s when we created the energizing Life program,” she said. 

The program is providing 35 charities, municipalities and Indigenous communities with up to $25,000 in supports, two of those in the Muskoka area. 

“One of them is South River Lions Club who is working on a skatepark to provide a safe place, a safe outdoor recreation space for people to get exercise and that really at the end helps with their mental health and their social lives and so on.  And the other one is Gravenhurst Against Poverty and so our funding will help them create a new youth space in their community house.” Armitage explained.

“When you think of the South Rivers Lions Club, they were watching their donations really dry up and so to help them bring it[the new skatepark] to life they needed extra funding and so that’s what we stepped in to do,”

However, the support does not stop there…

“In some of these communities across Ontario we’ve seen organizations and charities have to fold because either they can’t provide the same services they did because they don’t have the money to invest into capital upgrades, or they’ve seen donations really dry up, so not only are we funding 35 communities but we are also asking people to go to social media and help raise awareness about those organizations in their communities that are really pushing for positive change and are really helping their local communities,”

Armitage says Hydro One now has a program where people can shine a light on these organizations by using the #EnergizinglifeON.

“And for ten of those organizations that are included in those posts we’re gonna donate an extra $1000,” she said, “and beyond the money, it’s really just about the shining a light on these incredibly important organizations and drawing attention to them and helping them, drum up donations within their own communities in addition to what we’re contributing,”