The chair of the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission agrees that Tuesday’s provincial announcement about passenger rail service is a step forward. Part of the announcement was about $5-million to plan and design the service.  ONTC chairman Tom Laughren of Timmins says it will help procure train cars and make sure rail infrastructure is safe.

He singles out the speed of the train.

“We still have places along the line that speed is an issue. So I think to take a good look at it and working with the partner in Metrolinx and MTO will provide us with a good, sound transportation infrastructure for years to come,” Laughren predicts.

“It will also ensure that people can at least get schedules that they’re looking for and we work with people on trying to adapt those schedules to best suit, knowing that we can’t please everybody.”

During the announcement, transportation minister Caroline Mulroney said design and planning will wrap up next year, and the service will be up and running later in this decade.

Written by Bob McIntyre