A new production studio is in full force working on an animated feature. Executive Producer with Awesome Town Entertainment Dan Krech says the working title of their current production is called Animal Crackers.


Krech says Williams has a rich history in production. Williams produced all three Shrek movies, Space Chimps and Valiant. To help grow in Huntsville, Head of Development Luke Lynette-Krech says they are in full recruitment mode.


For detailed information on the positions available, go to http://awesometownent.ca/.

Meantime, Krech says there will be an industry night next month to discuss their project and recruit.


Krech says they hope to have the first 20 people in place by the end of March and about 40 to 50 total by the summer. Awesome Town is also hoping they can partner with local schools once they’re established in Huntsville. Krech says they’ve been involved with schools in the past.


Krech says they want to engage young people and inspire them to want to live and work in Muskoka.