The water mains in the Town of Bracebridge will be getting flushed until the end of June.

Officials with the District of Muskoka say crews will turn on the hydrants in town for up to 20 minutes to allow for large amounts of high-pressure water to be released.

The routine maintenance may cause discolouration or cloudy water, and possibly reduced water pressure when the flushing is happening in your area. This is normal, and officials say there is no health hazard, adding it’s safe to use and consume as normal. You may notice puddles in the street, but that’s par for the course since the water could be flushed onto the roads.

Officials do recommend running cold water in your bathtub if you notice discoloration, or another tap until it clears up.

The flushing is considered a preventative measure to ensure the hydrant works, assess the available flow to it, and allows District officials to ensure the water quality is high and removes mineral and sediment build-up in water mains.