There’s a 24/7 OPP presence at border crossings from Québec in four Northeastern Ontario locations: east of Cochrane and Kirkland Lake; northeast of Temiskaming Shores; and outside North Bay.

Sargent Carlo Berardi from regional headquarters says officers are stopping every car without an Ontario licence plate as it crosses the border. Under the Emergency Measures Act, over 3,200 cars were stopped as of Wednesday, and 29 were turned around.

 “There’s quite an extensive list of criteria that will allow you to come into Ontario, but 29 vehicles did not meet that criteria,” Berardi notes.“If you have to come in for work or you have a residence in Ontario or you’re coming across for medical concerns, then those types of things.”

Berardi adds that there have been no issues, only understanding of why the measure is in place.

Large trucks carrying goods are not subject to being stopped.

Written by Bob McIntyre