The Town of Huntsville announced today(Friday) that the Winter clean-up is officially complete. 

Steve Hernen, Huntsville’s Director of Operations and Protective Services thanked crews and an early spring for the speedy clean-up. 

In his weekly update on Friday, Hernen said plows are parked for next year and grader equipment is being readied for brush and ditch work.

Stephenson Road 2 will be closed next week for a major culvert repair, Hernen said, and you can check out the town’s feed for details.

Half-loads will be tentatively lifted on May 3rd, and some roads will remain closed as they still require some time to dry out.

Hernen also reminded folks that under the current provincial orders only essential construction can operate and residents are reminded of the park closures outlined by the government.

Trails are open and ready for the season, he said, also reminding all to respect social distancing and health and safety protocols.