To mark this year’s Earth Day, Bracebridge Generation (BG) announced the GHG Emission Reduction Baseline Reporting for Project SPEEDIER is done. 

The project’s team revealed the baseline report showed significant reduction potential as soon as next Earth Day.

SPEEDIER is one of the first projects to assist Parry Sound in its goal of becoming one of the first net-zero communities in Canada.

The three-year local project is led by BG with support from the Town of Parry Sound, Georgian College and a $3.75-million investment from Ottawa

The initiative follows Natural Resources Canada’s objectives of reducing GHG emissions, adhering to Canada’s Paris Agreement commitments, and maintaining the natural beauty of the Parry Sound area.

Project assets include;

  1. A 500kW AC/648kW DC Solar Net Metering Solution, 
  2. A 2.514 MWh Tesla Battery Energy Storage System,
  3. A Level III DC Electric Vehicle Fast Charger
  4. Three Level II Electric Vehicle chargers,
  5. 10 Tesla home Powerwalls
  6. And 50 hot water tank controllers. 

Leading the project is Scott McCrindle, a professor in Georgian’s Computer Studies academic area.

Georgian College professor Scott McCrindle led the research in Project SPEEDIER; photo provided by Project SPEEDIER

McCrindle led the research, determining the existing emissions that would be negated by deploying each of the previously mentioned assets, considering product specifications, deferred or removed electricity generation, industry best practices and vendor data.

For more information on project SPEEDIER and if you’d like to get involved, you can visit

If you have more detailed inquiries, you are asked to make them to Jennifer Montpetit (Advanced Planning and Communications for Lakeland Holding Ltd./Bracebridge Generation Ltd.) via Phone: 705-645-2670, ext. 504 or email: [email protected]