Ontario announced another 700 pharmacies across the province will start offering the AstraZeneca vaccine to individuals aged 55 and older starting Monday.

The province did note however that not all of the new pharmacies will start vaccinating at the same time.

As these additional pharmacies start to offer the COVID-19 vaccine, they will be added to the province’s list of vaccine locations.

This expansion will bring the total number of pharmacies offering the vaccine to over 1,400 locations and is expected to reach 1,500 by the end of April.

The new list includes one pharmacy in the District of Muskoka, the Loblaw Pharmacy on 131 Howland Drive in Huntsville, however, as of this morning, the pharmacy has not yet received any shipments of vaccines. 

A pharmacy spokesperson said they will be given a 48-hour heads up prior to delivery and will be sure to inform the public once they arrive.