The OPP are warning travellers heading into Central Ontario to exercise caution over the next 48-hour period as intense snowsqualls, strong winds and frigid temperatures are being forecast throughout the area. Many areas are expected to receive a large amount of fresh snow and snowmobiliers are also being reminded to stay on groomed trails. Venturing off trails into open areas could be dangerous as many potential hazards such as downed trees or rocks could be covered with snow and striking a hidden object could prove fatal.

Motorists are encouraged to monitor local weather conditions and follow the advice of the Police and Environment Canada. With weather such as this, motorists should expect the unexpected and be prepared if they do venture out.

The following tips are strongly recommended:

 – Travel with a fully charged cellular phone.

– Make sure that you have a full tank of gas.

– Carry a Roadside Emergency Kit if you break down or become stranded. This should include food, extra layers of warm clothing and booster cables.

– Dress appropriately for any outdoor activity.

– If you encounter a closed road, remember it is closed and not meant for any travel.