The election is about 10 months away and some Huntsville councillors have already decided what they want to do.

Councillor Det Schumacher says he plans to seek re-election in the Stisted, Port Sydney and Stephenson ward. He also says he’s had some encouragement to run for Mayor, but hasn’t decided on that front yet.

Councillor Karin Terziano says she will also seek re-election if things in the municipality continue the way they are today and Councillor Chris Zanetti says his intentions are unknown at this point.

Councillor Brian Thompson says he’s about 90 per cent sure he will run again for Town and District council. He says there are still some issues he wants to address including road maintenance and decommissioning the Mountview Sewage Treatment Plant.

Councillor John Davis says he’s appealing to you for direction in which position you wish him to pursue, be that of a councillor or even mayor.

Councillor Tim Withey says he hopes his political career in town isn’t over, but his focus right now is his health. Last month, Withey was diagnosed with prostate cancer and has surgery scheduled for next Tuesday. He says once that’s done, he will be in a better position to focus on his political future.

Meantime, earlier reports suggest that Mayor Claude Doughty will not be running for another term.

For more information and guidelines about running for the October 27th election, go to