Written By: Mel Candelaria

Knowing who your kids talk to online is extremely important in this day and age of the ever evolving internet. That’s according to Huntsville OPP Constable Lynda Cranney. She says kids believe people are who they say they are online.

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Cranney says it’s important for you to have discussions with your kids about safe social media use. Since the internet and social media are evolving, it makes the risk of child luring high as well. Last week, Cranney says change on the internet is continuous.

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Cranney says it’s really important kids are educated about the potential dangers of the internet and social media. She says the OPP has some kids programs in place at some local schools.

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The OPP has also made presentations to parent councils as well. Last week, Bracbridge OPP charged a young person with child luring after creating a fake Facebook profile to make contact with the victim.


  • Be involved and know your child’s online activity
  • Remind children to protect their passwords and encourage them not to share password with friends
  • Make sure children are cautious with what they post online and when using video cameras
  • Unplug web cams when they’re not in use
  • Know their child’s online friends the same way they know friends in real life