Huntsville Mayor, Karin Terziano, confirmed to the My Muskoka Now News Room on Tuesday that the Don Lough ice surface inside the Canada Summit Centre will not be removed.

“We will not be removing the ice at this time. We hope to have people back on the ice as early as next Tuesday using it again.”

During the council meeting that took place on January 25th, it was discussed that if the lockdown were to be extended, the ice surface was going to be removed.

“We were looking for a direction as to whether to keep it in or take it out at the time, and I think the resolution was a bit of a compromise to say if the lockdown was extended we would take it out. But, we didn’t really think in terms of if it was only extended a week, so we have no intentions of taking it out at this time and we hope that people will get back on the ice next week,” said Terziano.

As far as what colour level we will be put under once the stay at home order is lifted for Simcoe Muskoka, Terziano says she has not officially been told what level we will be put under but she says “We’re hoping for red” saying that’s the worst-case scenario.