Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare’s (MAHC) newest recruiter has brought in plenty of new staff since the COVID-19 pandemic started, but officials with MAHC say more are needed.

Recruitment and Workforce Planning Specialist Bryson Blakelock started with MAHC in September and has since brought 32 new hires on board with 21 of them working out with the Medical/Surgical and Complex Continuing Care Units at the South Muskoka Memorial Hospital in Bracebridge.

“Recruiting during the pandemic has gone very well,” Blakelock tells the newsroom He says there’s always a need, but the pandemic has increased the need for certain providers in certain areas.

Usually, Blakelock would be meeting potential recruits in person but says that because of the COVID-19 pandemic he’s been forced to interview people online. 

The Vice President of Operations & Chief Human Resources Officer at MAHC Robert Alldred-Hughes credits Blakelock and other recruiters for helping to bring 110 new employees in over the past year. In a regular year, he says recruiting would be hard, but throwing the pandemic makes things even more difficult. 

Alldred-Hughes adds that MAHC is hosting a career fair for registered nurses on February 20th between 10 AM and 2 PM. It will be done through Zoom. You can register on MAHC’s website.