Just like they did at Christmas, The Manor at Gravenhurst wants the community to send them Valentine’s Day cards for the residents.

“I thought this is something that would be very uplifting for residents and they would just really enjoy seeing how the community is supporting them,” Director of Recreation Kristen McQuarrie says. She adds that with residents forced to stay inside to stay safe from COVID-19, being able to see the support they have from the community would be uplifting. “And that we want all of this to get better so we can all be with each other again,” McQuarrie goes on to say.

She says they did something similar over Christmas. “It was amazing,” she says. McQuarrie says a “huge wall” in the long-term care home was filled with 200 to 300 Christmas messages. “It never failed to make them smile,” she says of the residents. 

“My goal is to have as many as possible,” McQuarrie says. You can email your cards to [email protected] McQuarrie says the messages will be displayed on hearts and placed on a wall in the home. “We’re going to be putting actual hearts outside so as many cards inside, we’ll have hearts outside,” she adds. The cut-off to send in cards is Friday, February 12th.