The Muskoka Sno-Bombers posted on their Facebook page asking sledders to stay off the trails until they’re ready.

“You may be seeing groomer activity around Bracebridge,” they state. “This is in no way an indication that the trail has been opened. These are just the first packing runs to get what little cold we’ve had into the ground and wet areas. There are lots of wet spots, rocks and stumps still exposed.”

They said in an earlier post that volunteers have been out recently to survey damage along the trails and pack swamps.

The post noted that some snowmobilers snuck onto some trails by getting around barriers. “These gates exist for a reason,” the club said. “These are privately owned pieces of land donated to the snowmobile system. Please respect the process and the landowners. Gates are not optional. It’s not our right to ride the land. It’s our privilege. If we violate that these trails go away.”

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs has an interactive guide on their site that keeps track of the snowmobile trails in Ontario.