“I’m in awe of this incredible community,” Lieutenant and Community Ministries Officer with the Bracebridge Salvation Army Kam Robinson tells the MyMuskokaNow.com newsroom.

$194,632 was raised during this year’s Moose FM Kid’s Christmas Wish Radiothon for the local Salvation Army.

Robinson says there’s so much uncertainty right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “There’s a sense of relief that instead of spending time raising funds, we can focus our efforts on helping those that need us in the community,” she says. “The people we serve already have a lot going on in their lives. They move from crisis to crisis. Imagine adding to that with what is going on.”

She explains some of the money raised will help run the operations and pay for the two employees they have in Bracebridge and Gravenhurst. “The vast majority will go towards purchasing food,” Robinson says. Since the pandemic started, she says they have upped their effort in getting food to people in need. Robinson adds that they will also use the money for their other support efforts like providing medical assistance, rent expenses, and cooking classes for kids. “We’re hoping that can start again soon,” she says. 

“We look at creative ways to help the community,” Robinson explains. She says that they don’t set where the money will be spent, which allows them to be more creative with what they do with it. 

You can still donate to the local Salvation Army by dropping off cash or a cheque at their locations in Bracebridge on 456 Manitoba Street, or in Gravenhurst on 620 Muskoka Road North. You can also call 705-645-2602 to figure out an alternative way to drop your donation off.