The town of Gravenhurst is looking for feedback from the business community for its annual business survey. 

The town’s Economic Development Team is reaching out this month and into January to get input to help identify key priorities for businesses and create support that can foster recovery and future growth.

Mayor Paul Kelly says with COVID-19, the town needs to gain an even greater understanding of the issues the business community faces today and into the new year. 

“This information is critical to ensure that the Town has a good understanding of the challenges that exist and what we can do to assist,” Kelly said. “The pandemic has created much uncertainty, but with this input from our business community, our Economic Development Division can begin planning accordingly.” 

Since 2015, the Annual Business Survey has shed light on many local challenges, including the local workforce and attraction and retention. 

Manager of Economic Development Jeff Loney says many of the town’s initiatives have stemmed from the outcomes of previous surveys. 

“This process is also an important communication tool to build and maintain relationships with our business owners and community partners, a key ingredient to creating and sustaining a healthy and vibrant community,” said Loney. 

Business owners can complete an online version of the survey at their leisure.

The final report will be released during the first quarter of 2021.