Muskoka Brewery is teaming up with local restaurants and the Manna Food Bank to help those that need it in the community.

“It’s been a tough year for everyone,” Marketing and Communications Manager at Muskoka Brewery Val Hamilton tells the newsroom.

She explains that $5 from every order between December 1st and the 15th will be put right back into the community. The money raised will be used to buy gift cards from local restaurants, and those will be left with the Manna Food Bank to distribute in the community.

“We care a lot about the community,” Hamilton says. She adds that food banks are vital in the community so supporting them – especially during the pandemic – is a no-brainer. “We want to make sure we’re supporting those who support us,” she says.

“It’s a pretty clever approach,” President of Manna Food Bank Sam Robinson says. She adds that not only does the idea lend a hand to the vulnerable in Muskoka, but it also helps restaurants that are struggling to do business amidst the pandemic. “It’s getting them some business and helping individuals who need help,” she says. 

Robinson says the past year has been busy for the food bank and it’s not going to get any slower. “Winter is busier than normal because of heating costs and seasonal jobs ending,” she explains. “This year the added impact of COVID and job losses that may not be returning.”